care guide


Dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe, our stoneware is prepared to last through each and every one of your dinner parties and morning coffees. Traditional cutlery is no problem, but please avoid contact with super sharp objects that may cause long-term surface wear.



100% linen is soft, textured, and highly absorbent. Hand- or machine-wash cold using an alkaline detergent without bleach or fabric softeners. Lay flat to dry.



Dishwasher and microwave safe, our delicate glassware is easy to clean, use and love for all of your occasions, whether it’s sparkling water at the dinner table, or wine on the beach.



To clean, use a soft dry cloth so the metal’s natural finish shines bright. Avoid allowing any liquids touching the cast iron surface. Always ensure the candles are placed in a secure, upright position, using our detailed prongs as support. Never leave a burning candle unattended, or in the reach of children and



Portable quality to fit your global nomad lifestyle, the pieces are best cleaned with a soft, dry cloth regularly to remove dust, and other surface dirt. Only use furniture polishes that are non-solvent, and never use wire wool to wipe the surface.